Importance of running your car frequently

Published: 15th December 2011
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Essentially the most important explanation to driving your vehicle is to ensure your alternator charges your electronics and keeps all the components balanced. The electronic components in the vehicle are normally the first to start breaking down. The electrical systems within your car run from your cars battery which is alternating current and is considerably less stable. The alternator helps control the power and keeps everything at the proper levels.

By far the most essential thing that you can do to care for your vehicle is to drive it routinely. Essentially the most fundamental reason to running your vehicle is to ensure that your alternator charges your electronics and keeps all of the components balanced. The electrical components in the vehicle are often the first to start breaking down and the reason for it is that they are powered by alternating current rather than direct current. Appliances inside your house will use direct current which is much more reliable and better for your equipment. The electrical systems in your car run through the cars battery which is alternating current and is far less stable. There exists much greater potential to release too much or too little electricity and damage the electrical components. The alternator helps regulate the power and keeps everything at the appropriate levels.

The critical part to this system is of course the vehicle's battery as that's where the electricity generates from. Ordinarily vehicle batteries are a type of a lead acid rechargeable battery. They work by utilizing a group of lead plates called cells. These cells are exposed to an acid solution and this contact produces a chemical reaction that releases electrons within the cells. These emissions are what's required for the battery to generate its charge. Overtime the vehicle’s battery is not going to be able to retain its charge for as long. This commonly occurs because during the process of oxidizing and deoxidizing some bits around the cells start to shed off and collect at the bottom. Over time there is less conductive surface on the cell so the charge gets shorter. In extreme circumstances enough material can gather at the bottom and result in a short circuit. Another cause for the battery to wear out is something referred to as sulphation. This occurs when the battery is left at the zero charge state for too long. Nonconductive lead sulphate crystals start to grow around the cells. The more time the battery stays in the zero charge condition the more crystals grow and the more difficult it becomes to reverse.

If you want to keep your car healthy it is very important to buy a high quality battery. Low cost car batteries are normally designed with cheaper materials, aren't optimized to prevent the effects of oxidation, and run a greater chance of corrosion potentially damaging other components in the vehicle. This is why I advise investing in a top of the line battery as it is well worth it. Bosch is one of the top brands in the market and they are developed with the optimal construction to restrict the effects. The Bosch silver car battery is one of the top lines in the Bosch brand. They're constructed with stronger materials including silver anodes that make the battery more resistant to breakdown and corrosion.

Irrespective of how good the car battery is nothing is immune to the effects of time and it's going to begin to lose its charge. To get the most from your car battery make certain to look after it properly. Run your car regularly to ensure your battery stays at a constant amount of charge via the alternator. This will decrease the amount of times the oxidizing process will take place. Specially be careful not to keep the battery at a zero charge state. The deterioration from sulphation is generally irreversible and you will wind up having to purchase a brand new car battery. If you can follow these basic guidelines you should be able to drive your vehicle for a very long time.

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